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Our mission

BIHUR, "reviving" or "transforming" in Basque, fights against food waste by becoming the last link in a total circular economy. We turn today's waste into tomorrow's ingredients



The transformation process, devoid of chemistry, makes it possible to create noble products and to recover 100% of the material. We offer expertise in co-products, from the analysis of compounds of interest to their large-scale production.

Do you produce bio-waste?

3 support offers 

We offer a study depth of your deposit based on the composition of the products, their seasonality and the quantities produced.We identify their interesting characteristics, the necessary transformation processes, and avenues for recovery.

We collect your co-products to process them on our dedicated production site and promote them through our network of partners.

We transform industrially your co-products, to order, through processes controlled from A to Z.


Are you looking for bio-based ingredients?

We source co-products, and build regular supply circuits.


We pre-treat the material according to your needs: stabilisation, transformation into a ready-to-use ingredient. By following your specifications (hygrometry, grain size, packaging, etc.).


We provide a full traceability allowing to go back to the raw material with a quality control carried out on each product.

Our jobs


Our values

Social responsibility...

Local sourcing and commitment to the climate: all BIHUR ingredients carry the promise of a more virtuous future.

... and Territorial.

In the Basque Country, knowing each farmer, craftsman or processor for an impact and traceability down to the root.

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Based in the Basque Country , we are committed to managing the region's co-products for an ever cleaner and more efficient industry.

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Making the world a better place thanks to our know-how. Our unique technology allows us to preserve our resources and offer new responsible ingredients .

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First company to offer a personalized industrial solution for processing co-products. We innovate every day to reveal the value of all co-products.

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We are creating a new clean and virtuous economy with new greener, stable and secure supply chains.


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