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Our know-how at the service of your cosmetic products

Opt for French, natural and responsible ingredients

Responsible and French ingredients to add naturalness to your cosmetics

Meet growing consumer demand for “organic” cosmetic products

and “natural” with our environmentally friendly ingredients for French eco-responsible cosmetics. Take advantage of our range of natural ingredients for radiant beauty and trust our expertise for top-notch cosmetic solutions.

Our ingredients
natural and French

Natural cosmetics in the Petri dish

Vegetable powders


Vegetable powders

Apple - Kiwi - Chilli

Gentle exfoliation, nutrition

and protection against free radicals .

Characteristic scent and color of the fruit.

This natural and versatile ingredient, ideal for

extractions, is packed with essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

Natural cosmetics

Fruit waters

Micellar Water_edited.jpg

Fruit waters

Apple - Kiwi

Hydration, nutrition, soothing,

and gentle cleaning.

Fragrance faithful to that of the fruit.

Substituting the formulation water with this ingredient allows you to increase the naturalness of your cosmetics in which water is the main constituent.

Why choose our ingredients?

French origin

Our cosmetic ingredients are of French origin for a distinctive element and a guarantee of quality. By opting for local ingredients, we have increased control over the traceability and quality of the raw materials used.


Our transformation process, free of chemicals, fully preserves all the molecules of interest present in the raw material. All the benefits they offer to the skin are thus guaranteed.

No substances or preservatives are added.


Choosing our products means committing to combatting waste by opting for the valorization of high-value co-products. These co-products preserve the virtues of the fruit, thus retaining its organoleptic qualities to guarantee the effectiveness of cosmetic products and the well-being of the skin.

Custom processing of your ingredients

Are you looking for a particular ingredient?

We source and pre-process raw materials tailor-made for all your applications.

Find our dehydration and fractionation services:


Benefit from claims thanks to our ingredients!

If more than 95% of the ingredients or raw materials are natural (or “of natural origin” (naturalness rate strictly greater than 50%)), the claims “ natural ” or “ of natural origin ” may appear to designate the product in its entirety.



Our ingredients are available in organic quality.

If you would like to know more about our ingredients and services contact us today.

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