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Brewer’s grain flour

Enrich your range with our innovative, responsible and tasty flour.

Our flour is made from brewers' grains, which are the residue from the beer brewing process.

In addition, our flour is completely free from chemical treatment. The spent grains are dehydrated and micronized to obtain a 100% natural flour, rich in fiber and protein, and low in gluten. Its beige color and cereal flavor adds a unique touch to your preparations.

An ingredient

Stand out by adding value to your products

Integrate up to 30% of spent grain flour into all your preparations for a high flavor contribution with very interesting cereal notes that will set your products apart.

This special flour, used to replace part of your traditional flour,

brings added value to your finished products.


Our development partners

Our R&D partner, the Lahonce bakery , was the first bakery in France and the world to market a bread made from co-products.

Our development partner, the Etché Moulins de Soule flour mill, markets Bihur spent grain flour throughout the Basque Country through its vast network of bakeries.

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