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Cups made from spent grains

Enjoy a beer
in a cup designed from
of its brewing cereal,
it's possible !

goblet diagram png.png

Reduce your plastic consumption

By integrating up to 40% of local brewery grains into the manufacture of our cups, we adopt an eco-responsible and circular approach. This initiative significantly reduces plastic consumption and helps limit waste.

Each cup represents a step towards a more sustainable future, where resources are used responsibly to limit environmental impact.

Stand out, create a difference

Our cups stand out for their ingenuity. This innovation pushes the limits of sustainability by transforming a co-product intended to be thrown away into a functional object. By combining practicality and environmental awareness, these cups embody a new era in the replacement of plastic. This innovative approach paves the way for sustainable solutions for a greener future.

Personalize your cups

Our cups offer unique customization (full color from 5,000 cups, black or white if less), reflecting the individuality of each event. With varied design options, each tumbler becomes a distinctive piece, merging style and responsibility.

Local production

Using local brewery grains, these cups embody a commitment to our region's economy and the reduction of CO2 emissions. Each sip thus becomes an act of support for ecology.

Opting for these cups means choosing to promote the resources of our region while acting for the environment.

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