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Apple pomace powder

Enrich your range with our innovative, responsible and tasty powder.

Our powder is made from apple pomace, which is the residue obtained after extracting the juice from the apple.

Our ingredients are completely free from chemical treatment. The pomace is dehydrated and micronized to obtain a 100% natural powder, rich in fiber and pectin, and gluten-free. Its beige color and flavor adds a unique touch to your preparations.

An ingredient

Improve your preparations

Integrate our apple pomace powder into all your preparations to add flavor to your products. Pectin has many benefits. In addition to providing hold and a pleasant consistency in the mouth, it reduces cooking time.

This ingredient, rich in fiber and pectin, is also beneficial for the proper functioning of the intestines.

Our cookies

Our long-lasting good biscuits, made from apple pomace flour, are made by hand and locally at the Ours workshop.

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